Mattress Sizes

Choosing a mattress size that fits

Most of us dream of spreading out on a nice, big, luxurious bed. Unfortunately, what we dream of and what we need are not always the same. When it comes to choosing a bed, size really does matter, and there are several factors you’ll want to consider before you buy.

  1. How big is your bedroom? You might want to grab a tape measure to see how much space you actually have for a new bed. Make sure the bed you choose allows sufficient practical space for you to easily move around your bed and clean. You can use the chart below to work out which size bed works best for the room you have.
  2. Do you sleep alone or with a partner? Remember, most people don’t sleep rigidly straight all night, so allow space for curling up.
  3. Is your partner a restless sleeper? Are you a restless sleeper? If so, you’ll want to have some extra room to allow you both a good night’s sleep.
  4. Do your pets or your kids sleep with you? They take up more room than you might think!
  5. Are you taller than average? An extra few centimeters at the end of your bed can make all the difference.
  6. Are you a big person? Is your partner? The space you’ll need is the sum of your parts, so take that into consideration too.


Size Chart
Three Quarter1070mm
Standard length 1880mm
Extra length 2000mm

As a general guideline:

  • Single (915mm) offers a sleep surface area suitable for young ones
  • Three Quarter (1070mm) offers a larger sleep surface than single while still conserving space
  • Double (1370mm) offers a sleep surface area for 2 people equal to a cot mattress width (66cm) each
  • Queen (1520mm) provides a comfortable sleep surface for 2 people and is proving to be the most popular size
  • King (1830mm) provides the largest sleep surface area, with generous space for 2 people. The King size foundation comes in 2 separate pieces for easy installation.

Standard length of 1880mm is available in all models
Extra length of 2000mm is available on request

Cot Mattresses are 130cm x 66cm, while Baby mattresses are 140cm x 70cm

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