Mattress Types

There are essentially two main types of mattress construction – those with and those without springs.  The best unique spring systems are backed by science and research, offering the best spinal alignment while you sleep.

  • Spring mattresses are the most widely used option. Springs are arranged in rows and connected to one another, top and bottom, by a spiral helical wire with an outer rod strengthening the perimeter.   Certain spring systems offer a ‘push-back’ response to the heavier parts of your body, eliminating pressure points and keeping your spine in its correct alignment.  Others offer altered spring construction to offer ‘zoned’ or ‘core’ support properties.
  • Pocket spring use individually wrapped springs, encased in a thin, breathable material. Ideal for individuals wishing to reduce partner disturbance. Offer a feeling of conformance comfort, shaping or moulding to your body.
  • Hybrid mattresses are a combination of spring and foam offering no motion transfer and is a great solution to benefits of memory foam comfort and the classic innerspring support.
  • Foam mattresses are made from layers of different densities of foam. By varying their density and depth, it’s possible to achieve different levels of comfort.  Particularly suitable for use with a slatted base.



Inner-Spring and pocket spring mattresses use a wide variety of fillings to create different properties and comfort options, as well as affecting the price.  Fillings are chosen for their resilience, durability, flexibility and ability to absorb body moisture. Cheaper mattresses use fillings in compact pads and in better quality models, layers of loose fillings in greater volumes and densities are often preferred.

  • Wool is a naturally resilient fibre, creating a luxurious feel that regulates body temperature and is also breathable.
  • Memory Foam responds to individual shape and pressure and has good pressure relieving properties.
  • Gel Memory Foam contain gel beads that provide cooling properties.
  • Gel Foam with geld beads strengthen and provide a higher degree of elasticity and hard-wearing and includes cooling properties.
  • Latex foam provides a firmer, resilient comfort while allowing our body to sink into the mattress without losing spinal support. Offers excellent air circulation and is allergen-free and resistant to mould and dust-mites.
  • High density Foams and comfort filling layers of different densities and form the comfort build-up of your mattress.

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