Drinking Coffee In Bed

Breakfast In bed

Breakfast In Bed

Is it good to eat in bed? Some people do it all the time. Some people never do it. Most of us enjoy the occasional indulgence of staying in bed to eat. Whether it’s on a birthday or a cold and rainy day, enjoying a meal in bed can be a treat to remember.

It’s difficult knowing what is socially acceptable, and what is not. Breakfast in bed is considered okay; supper, on the other hand, if frowned upon. Tea in bed is acceptable; soup is not fine unless you’re ill.

Treating your bed as your regular dining room, however, is not a habit you should get used to. Preventing a fallout of crumbs and coffee onto your bed is not an easy task, which makes it a perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

And they aren’t the only ones. If you don’t change your sheets after your breakfast in bed you may have to make room for the ants and cockroaches attracted to the smorgasbord of food particles.

If you insist on treating yourself or your loved one to breakfast in bed, make it more memorable by preparing something special. There are sites dedicated to the subject that you can draw inspiration from. Try https://www.chefsouschef.com/breakfast-in-bed/ for example.

The bottom line, however, is that unless it’s a special occasion, or you’re sick or injured, you should keep eating in bed to a minimum.

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