The Sleep Authority makes selecting the right mattress for your needs simple, and a choice that makes all the difference to your quality of life and sleep, for years to come.

Far from being a straightforward endeavour, choosing the right mattress requires you to consider several factors about the mattress you want, whether that concerns the mattress type or the mattress size. All too often, first-time buyers make the mistake of getting a bed that is just too small for them, which robs them of that perfect night’s sleep that everyone deserves.

So, to help you make the correct choice with every purchase, here is a rundown on the different types of mattress sizes on the market.

• Approximately 915mm wide by 1880mm long (standard length).

• Generally, this type of mattress is more suited for a child’s bedroom.

• 1070mm wide with a standard length of 1880mm.

• Also used for a child’s bedroom.

• 1370mm wide with a standard length of 1880mm.

• Ideal for a couple sharing a bed.

• 1520mm wide by approximately 1880mm long

• Perfect for single sleepers who need more space which is provided by the increased size of the queen over a double-size mattress.

• 1830mm wide by approximately 1880mm long.

• Perfect for couples with each person wanting the space of a single bed.

• The super king-size mattress is 2000mmx 2000mm, making it the largest standard sized mattress on the market.

We tried to keep everything as simple as possible, but we understand that you might not be familiar with some of the terms we used. To help you get an idea what each of these questions means, we’ve listed them in order with detailed explanation.


This is the construction and material used to build the bed. We have a handful of options here and many properties directly depend on this:


Memory Foam – Moulds to the body in response to heat and pressure evenly distributing body weight. It then returns to its original shape once pressure is removed.


Gel Memory Foam – is specially formulated memory foam that contains gel beads, designed to help absorb heat and draw it away from the sleeper. Additionally, the cellular structure of the memory foam itself is optimised for increased air flow.


Latex – More expensive but also more durable and much cooler than any foam.


This represents the overall capability of a mattress to disperse heat and prevent creating “hot spots.” Cooling mattresses excel at regulating temperature so sleepers don’t over heat during the night. Many mattress layers and fabrics can contribute to temperature regulation. Various cooling materials are used in Sealy, Edblo, Slumberalnd and King Koil mattresses.


This is a very subjective thing, and it’s rarely the same for everyone. Sealy, Edblo, Slumberland and King Koil offer multiple firmness levels for this reason. For more information check the firmness guide.

Edge Support:

Have you ever fallen off the bed? Not a good thing, I know. Sealy, Edblo Slumberland and King Koil offer various edge support systems, that allows for a firmer seating edge and a wider sleeping surface. Edge Support in a mattress also stabilizers the spring unit, preventing side-sway.

Motion Transfer:

Sleeping with a partner? Sealy, Edblo, Slumberland and King Koil mattresses offer low motion transfer for reduced partner disturbance.


All of the top brands like Sealy, Edblo, Slumberland and King Koil have very good warranties, and consumers are encouraged to make sure that they have registered the warranty with the brand manufacturer.


As you spend 8 hours a day sleeping, make sure to invest in the best possible quality mattress that you can afford to ensure a great night’s sleep with proper comfort and support.


For more information on our available mattress sizes, be sure to continue browsing the Sleep Authority website for details.